Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting into the Christmas spirit...

Here's a bit of cheesy (but brilliant!) Ziggy-themed festive cheer!

Oh, I am so happy it's Christmas time again!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Initial idea

Needing christmas gift inspiration? What about trying out Spearmint Baby's idea and make a button monogram for someone special?

image found here.

A full tutorial can be found here but you could tailor the design and the buttons that you use to suit the person that you make it for... Lovely stuff!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Memo Boards

After posting the door-come-blackboard idea yesterday, I got thinking about memo boards. There are so many ways to DIY and they really can become ever changing works of art!

I love this idea of turning an old metal tray into a magnetic memo board from Sparkle Power as a guest blogger on Sherry Turley's Oh So Lovely blog. A lick of paint, some patterned paper and a plate stand turns a rather non-descript platter into a lovely feature! Here is the how-to.

image found here.

Now for a more minimal approach... Funkytime has used an window frame minus the glass. By attatching string and using pegs to display photographs, Funkytime's Sibylle shows us just how simple it is to create something new for your home. I'm keen to try this but I think I'll be going a bit bolder with colour!

image found here.

And back to yellow, we have a painted antique frame from Ashely Ann at Under the Sycamore with chicken-wire inserted to give more space to attach your photographs and notes. Ashley Ann has also made her own customised clips using the illustrations on memory cards. This adds to the fun feeling of the memo board and ensures it will never look bare! She gives a full how-to here.

image found here.

It actually seems as though Ashley Ann has making memo boards out of chicken wire down to a tee! I have just come across this image of her bedroom:

image found here

Yet another headboard inspired post from me but I could not resist! Headboard, memo board, wall art all rolled into one. It is a bold idea but an amazing one at that! Find more images and the how-to here

Ashley Ann has put the chicken wire over the whole wall but I would be inclined to keep it to just the headboard... but maybe thats just me chickening out! 

(Sorry, that was a terrible pun... must be time for my bed!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Door to Door

There is a place in Glasgow called Glasgow Architectural Salvage which is an Aladdin's cave of rescued furniture and fixings. When I went along I was in awe of the rows of old wooden doors which were stacked up against the wall. I told myself I'd come back for some one day, but I wasn't sure what I would do with them...
Then I found proof that doors can be incredibly multi-talented! 

A door can be a blackboard!
Here, Mandy Lynne has transformed a shabby door into a blackboard for her children's home-school room. This idea could also work well in a kitchen as a memo board... or in a cafe... or anywhere for that matter!

image found here.

Or a door could be a headboard!
A few posts ago I showed ideas for making a bench from a headboard and now we are almost going full circle and looking at how doors can be headboards! I like the idea of having a home full of furniture with a topsy-turvy function!

image found here.

This idea came from Martha Stewart and the how-to can be found here.

ehow have a great set of step-by-step instructions for another door to headboard project here, if you feel you need a more in depth guide.

Or how about a door as a garden table?
It's difficult to see from this picture but this garden table is made by Re-Nest from an old door and two saw horses for support.
... Maybe I could sprinkle a little sawdust and transform this idea into a Ziggy creation!

image found here.

Or could a door become a swing?!
This swing isn't actually made from a door but I think it would be quite amazing if it was! Indoor or outdoors it would make a fabulous feature. The how-to for this swing was found at Vtwonen, but it would be fun to mix it up a little!

image found here.

Well, with all this food for thought I think I can justify another trip to Glasgow Architectural Salvage to get my mitts on a few dusty old doors!