Thursday, June 7, 2012

Retro Record Clocks!

I think it's about time that I give my Retro Record Clocks a bit of a mention seeing as they are currently dominating my ETSY shop!

I am a big 'retro' music fan (the Ziggy Stardust/Sawdust connection is no coincidence!) and my love of objects 100% extends to old records!

I am fully aware that the idea of converting records into clocks isn't the most original idea but they are fun to make and fun to own!

I try my best to focus on finding iconic records with a bit of cult status, to make the clocks all the more desirable... and I also use coloured plastic clock pieces to add a little 'pop' of colour!

click here

My favourite recent find has to be Simon and Garfunkle's Mrs Robinson 7" single from 1966, which is the sound track to one of my favourite films- The Graduate.

(So here's to you Mrs Robinson!)

Records are great objects in themselves and even though their function becomes altered when they are made into clocks, it's much nicer to have an affiliation with the songs that they contain!

Other clocks that I have made from great records include:


but you can find even more at my Etsy Shop!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A few more new projects to keep me busy!

Here are some more soon-to-be Ziggy Sawdust creations- I am certainly being kept busy but that's how I like it to be!

I am a sucker for mid-century modern furniture and cannot wait to start working on this BEAUTIFUL original G-Plan dresser which used to belong to my lovely friend Lauren and her flatmate Silja!

It's in great condition and I am already thinking about what I will call her... And I know that I am going to have lots and lots of fun with colouring her in! 
(I've got a feeling she's going to get on very well with 'Mick' the 1970s cocktail cabinet and 'Debbie' the 1970s fur topped ottoman!)

And I think this piece will fit in with 'The Supremes' and 'Audrey' tables with its curvy figure and Queen Anne legs!

Look at it's scalloped back board!

This photo doesn't give away much sense of scale, but this is a big cabinet... Ziggy Sawdust is moving onto bigger things very literally!

A few new exciting challenges lie ahead of me and they will be complete around this time next month in time for the DesignMarket at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh on from 13th-15th of July.
(For more info click here)

Here's to an exciting few weeks ahead!

Ziggy is now stocked at The Frayed Hem Vintage Shop!!

My Ziggy Sawdust creations are now on sale at The Frayed Hem vintage shop on Cockburn St, Edinburgh!

I am over the moon to have Ziggy on display in such a wonderful shop... it is a vintage treasure trove, right in the heart of Edinburgh!

'Mick' the redesigned 1970s cocktail cabinet and a few of my redesigned vintage trinket boxes are on sale in store NOW! 

I popped in to pay them all a visit and I must say, they look like they are right at home... but would you like them in your home?!

Here's where you can find them: 

The Frayed Hem
45 Cockburn Street

0131 225 9831