Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ziggy Sawdust + Tippi

I ♥ furniture hunting and seeing potential in bashed up and tired pieces that are in need of some tender loving care and a second chance in life! And that's great for what I do because I will invest time and creativity in each piece to make it shine again.

But there aren't many places out there where you can go to buy affordable 'young' antiques that are in good nick.... until now!

There is a new shop opening in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh very soon which will specialise in vintage, quirky (+ just plain beautiful!) furniture and home ware. But for those pieces that do need a few touch ups, or if a customer would like a piece to be brought up to date with colours to match their decor, I will be a recommended restorer!

I have already been given a few Tippi pieces to redesign ahead of the shop's opening, including this wonderfully retro 1950s kitchen cabinet! I'm off paint shopping for it tomorrow!

 I am so excited by this opportunity- can't wait for Tippi to be open! .... The shop is named after the owner Anna's gorgeous little terrier who gives the best cuddles! Between the furniture and Tippi herself, I think I'll be making myself a permanent fixture there :)

'Like' Tippi on Facebook to be kept in the loop on the shop's opening :

And you'll be able to visit in a few short weeks here:

144 Bruntsfield Place
EH10 4ER
0131 229 4422

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Story of Ziggy + The Red Door Gallery, Chapter 2!

I don't know if you remember my post called The Story of Ziggy + The Red Door Gallery? Well at the end of August, I was asked if the The Red Door Gallery could borrow 'Mick' my 1970s cocktail cabinet, for their September window. I was over the moon as The Red Door is one of my favourite shops in Edinburgh!

Well, after lots of admiration, the windows have been changed over. But Ziggy Sawdust is being featured in the new window for October also!

'Mick' has been given a rest from the spotlight, and now it's 'Audrey's turn to shine!

You can visit 'Audrey' and all the other delightful products that The Red Door Gallery houses, here:

42 Victoria Street
0131 447 3255

(and if you do visit, let me know what you think!)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ziggy + The Velvet Peach!

The wonder of Facebook never ceases to amaze me... it's entertaining, it's fun and it keeps you in touch with your friends. It can also connect you to like minded people and businesses at the other side of the world, but it can also connect you to interesting people and businesses on your door step.

It was through Facebook that Ziggy Sawdust + The Velvet Peach discovered each other! 

Devon Roberson runs a lovely plus size vintage range in Edinburgh called The Velvet Peach and loves all things vintage and retro inspired. When I posted a photo on Facebook of this cut-glass trinket box that I redesigned in time for July's DesignMarket, she snapped it up before DesignMarket even opened!

I then found out that Devon was a big fan of pink + mint as a colour combo, so this really was unknowingly made for her!

A month or so later, Devon got in touch to say that she was moving into a new flat and would love a colourful vintage desk to do all her Velvet Peach work from... I was delighted to hear from her and went out furniture hunting that very week. Devon sent me over some images of the kind of desk she was after and when I discovered this desk needing some TLC, I hoped Devon would like it... and she did!

there was life in this old desk yet!

three drawers for paperwork + craft materials!

nice Vintage detailing

The orangey stain and varnish was a bit chipped and scratched and it really dated the desk... so I couldn't wait to sand it off! And, just as I suspected, the wood was in great condition underneath.

The next mission was colour... Devon asked if it could be done in Pink + Mint, channelling a retro 50's interior vibe. I thought that was a great idea! Very fresh + pretty. To gather some inspiration, Devon created a Pink + Mint board on Pintrest which was a great resource for me + I had the colours colour matched exactly to her liking!

so pretty + retro!

When developments were underway, Devon was excited about the finished article + started to worry that she didn't have a chair worthy enough of her redesigned desk! She sent me over a few images of chairs that she liked and asked me to keep an eye out for a similar one that could be done up to match the desk. I found this chair which met Devon's requirements and was really excited to do the dynamic duo up together! 

And it seems as though Devon + I weren't the only ones excited by the project... my cat Millie couldn't get enough of the wooden chair!

Here she is tap dancing on it..

And here she is being very over protective as I was about to start sanding it!

 And she's actually sitting on my knee as I type this!


Ok, so back to Devon's desk + chair! For the desk, we decided to paint the body + the legs of the desk pink with a mint top + mint drawer faces (and a secret touch of lilac inside the drawers!) And to tie the chair in without it detracting from the desk, we decided to keep the colour blocking bold + simple by painting the legs pink + the rest mint.

Here'e the chair doing a head stand while it's legs dry! 

And while the painting was progressing nicely, Devon picked these lovely white flower drawer handles  for the desk... a large one for the middle drawer and two small for the others.

Here they are in action while the final touch ups were being done!

And here is the dynamic duo all compete!

And here they are settling into their new home!

I had a lot of fun completing this project for Devon + The Velvet Peach and I am so glad that Devon did too! I was delighted to receive this lovely testimonial from her:

After starting my own business , The Velvet Peach Vintage, I soon realised I need a proper work space. This was when I turned to Amy/Ziggy for her expert help. I had seen Amy's work a few times in the past & totally loved it. I knew she was the best person for the job of finding me a work desk. From sourcing the perfect desk, to picking colours, constant communication through the whole process, delivery, doing a chair to match the table at the last minute- through all this Amy has been so helpful, fun, creative and most importantly enthusiastic. Its easy to see Ziggy Sawdust will be a huge success with Amy at the helm!!! Thanks Amy so much '

There really is nothing more satisfying than a happy customer :) Thank-you, Devon!

If you would like to find out some more about The Velvet Peach, click here

Or you can follow Devon + TVP on Facebook, here:

Friday, October 5, 2012


This week, to celebrate Ziggy reaching 300 Likes on Facebook, I have been running a Retro Record Clock Competition.

All you had to do was SHARE your favourite clock from these: to be in with a chance of winning it!

Competition was pretty fierce! 42 entrants have been placed in this hat and shuffled to be picked at random (with my eyes closed for extra fair-ness!)

 SO with out further adieu: 

Drum roll, please..!

And the winner is  BECCA BROAD!

Congratulations Becca! 

Your chosen Roxy Music 'Over You' Clock will be on it's way to you super soon!

But it doesn't stop there.... 

I am so happy with the response to this competition and have been excited about it all week! Once I picked one name, I was struggling to resist the temptation to pick another. So I decided, what the heck, pick another winner! It's Friday after all!

So another Drum Roll, please!

And winner number 2 is  HANA WACLAWSKI!

Congratulations Hana! 
Your  Kate Bush 'Man With The Child In His Eyes' Clock will be with you shortly!

I'd like to say a  massive thank-you to everyone that entered! If I could give a clock to everyone, I would! My Etsy Shop will be featuring more Retro Record Clocks soon, so keep your eyes peeled!