Thursday, July 11, 2013

Before + After bonanza!

I am currently in the midst of redesigning my website! I am quite enjoying it but I am fearful of some technical hitches coming my way soon! 

I will let you know when it's set to go live when I have a better idea myself, but for now I thought I would share some 'Before + After' collages that I have put together to tell the stories of my furniture. Here they are:

'Grace' redesigned vintage telephone seat

'Mick' redesigned 1970s cocktail cabinet

'Twiggy' redesigned 1960s dressing table

'Marianne' redesigned 1960s dressing table

'George' upcycled free-standing display shelf!

'Marilyn' redesigned original 1950s dressing table

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vive La France!

I am not long back from a much needed, amazing 2 week holiday in France with my family.

We all had such a lovely time and, if it wasn't for this wonderful weather that we are getting at home just now, I would be wishing I was jetting back there again tomorrow!

 Although I did get stuck into some work while I was out there, it was such a luxury to have more than one day off... I had a whole 14!

France is such a beautiful country and we were staying in the heart of the Dordogne countryside. We visited an abundance of pretty towns and the Brocantes (junk shops) and Vide Greniers (car boot sales) were an absolute dream! And, I have never eaten so many Pain Au Chocolats in my life... so all in all it was a fabulous holiday!

Here's some of my favourite photos to sum up the trip: